Pacis Animae Votive Shrine

Most Recent Candles

For my cousin Peter Sudbury, MA
For my miscarried children New York
For a special favor from above on the Sardina FAM.. Lebanon PA
Praying for healing and restore to good health for my father and my se Philadelphia Pa
For an employment related issue India
My children Boston
Pray for my siblings and extended family and friends conversion. Daly City,Ca.
Thanksgiving for prayers answered Taftville, CT
For Family Members afflicted by addictions. Biloxi,MS
For my nephew Danny to quit his addiction Los Angeles

All those who enter here are welcome. Our Sisters are supporting you with our prayers, praying for you and your intentions. May these candles be a light shining in the darkness for you and your loved ones, guiding you ever closer to Our Lord. Each candle will “burn” for seven days. There is no cost to you to light one of these virtual candles. For those who wish to make a donation, an opportunity will be provided after you light your candle.

Each of the Candle Chapels within this Votive Shrine is dedicated to a particular Patron Saint. There are so many things that weigh heavily on hearts today. It is our sincere hope that as you call upon the intercession of some of our dearest friends, the Saints, and prayerfully light your candle, that you truly will find

Pacis Animae ~ Peace of Soul…

Holding you in Prayer,
Your Sisters of Charity

Candle Chapels

Our Lady of Guadalupe "Empress of the Americas" and "Patroness of the Unborn"
Our Lady of Lourdes Patron Saint of Healing
Saint Dymphna Patron Saint of those suffering from nervous and mental afflictions
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Patron Saint of Grief
Saint Joseph the Worker Patron Saint of Workers: Those seeking Employment have recourse to Saint Joseph
Saint Maximilian Kolbe Patron Saint of the addicted
Saint Michael the Archangel Patron Saint of Law Enforcement
Saint Monica Patron Saint of Children who have left the faith
Saint Peregrine Laziosi Patron Saint of Cancer Patients
Saint Rita of Cascia Patron Saint of Loneliness
Saints Louis and Zélie Martin For Families: husband and wife, parents, life in the domestic church
“With Mary, our lives continually proclaim the greatness of the Lord and the joy experienced in rendering service to Him.”

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