Pacis Animae Votive Shrine All Candles

Thank you for visiting the shrine for “All Candles”

Each candle in this shrine burns as a light in the darkness for one of our friends.

Please take the time to pray for them as they, too, join us in praying for you.

Those intentions that you hold so close to your heart are now next to ours and in the hands of the saints as they are offered to God in prayer.

Trust that He hears them. 
Trust that He hears you.

United in Prayer,
Your Sisters of Charity

That my daughter and husband will heal from miscarriage . Houston, Tx
For family members to have patience with each other. Pa
My sister in auto accident with several injuries from the accident Gas City Indiana
For my new ministry. Cheyenne
Pray for my daughter work at home Florida
I ask for the protection of my son and his return to the faith Florida
I pray keep drains in my eyes open never to go blind. PA
Safe and healthy my 81st birthday June 27tjh Chicago vacationing in CA
For my husband’s health. Illinois
Thanksgiving for the ruling for ProLife! RI
Pray for me and the peace I need to have today protect me . I live in Colorado
Jessica’s heart, PVC’s will be cured no palpitations Dennison, Ohio
Children return to the church. New York Florida
My childrens return to the sacraments Staten Island New York
For young Mateo, that tumor is not invading spine or lungs L.A. California
“With Mary, our lives continually proclaim the greatness of the Lord and the joy experienced in rendering service to Him.”

Holy Rule

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