What does it mean to be a Companion in Charity?

Companions are dedicated partners. . .



Working Together

Why donate monthly?

With donations spread out month to month, becoming a Companion in Charity can fit any budget. Any amount can make a big impact.

Your donation occurs automatically each month. You can change the amount or cancel any time

As a Companion in Charity, you make a difference every day through your reliable, ongoing financial support.

Companions touch hearts and change lives

When the Lord told the apostles to take nothing with them on their journey to preach the Gospel, He knew that the very act of trusting in the goodness of others is the best way to call forth the goodness in others.  The Sisters of Charity Strive to follow in the Lord’s footsteps by trusting that help will come.  It always does, thanks to you.

By joining Companions in Charity, you will touch lives and have an effect on the SCMC ministry today and for years to come. You assist us in many ways:

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75% of our Students receive financial aid to attend our high school, the Academy of the Holy Family, where we watch them grow in the spiritual foundation that empowers them to achieve their full God-given potential to impact the world​.

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Through our Holy Family Food Pantry we provide 1,000+ meals for needy families each month. While we strive to meet their basic needs, ministering to their emotional and spiritual needs is also a priority in our service. When we call the families and ask how they are, they answer sincerely and often ask for prayers as they share their burdens. We are grateful to you that we have the means to serve the people of God!

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Countless smiles and words of gratitude come from our ill and elderly Sisters who now have a warm and welcoming environment to rest comfortably each day, a wheelchair van for safe transportation to appointments, and most especially, the Cor Jesu chapel, a few steps away, where they can visit their Divine Bridegroom.

Everyone who joins Companions in Charity will:

Be invited to a yearly liturgy and gathering with the Sisters

Be remembered in a special Companions in Charity Novena beginning June 4th

Receive the “Pearl of Great Price” DVD –a documentary on the life of the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady Mother of the Church

Receive Winds of Charity newsletter

Receive Stories from the SCMCs –reports on the ministries supported by Companions

Join our most committed group of Supporters!

Become a Companion in Charity with your monthly gift.

Your Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The automatic transfer of funds is safer than mailing cash or checks. In fact, one of the largest users of this method of funds transfer is the U.S. Social Security Administration.
Call us at (860) 822-6323 if you want to change the amount of your gift, cancel your gift, advise us of a change of address, change of banks or get a new credit card.

Your credit card will be charged once you submit your first monthly gift and will be charged at approximately the same time for the months to follow.

Yes. You will receive an annual statement provided for tax purposes.

Yes! Here’s how it works:

  1. Download and print our mail-in donation form: PDF/Word
  2. Complete the form
  3. Mail your completed form to: Sisters of Charity, Development Office, 54 West Main St, Baltic, CT 06330
Yes! Please call us at for details. We will need your Bank routing number and account number or a voided check.
For more information or help with a specific donation, email us at development@sistersofcharity.com or call our development office at (860)822-6323 Monday-Friday, 8 am to 4 pm EST.
“With Mary, our lives continually proclaim the greatness of the Lord and the joy experienced in rendering service to Him.”

Holy Rule

Make a difference today ~ help us reach those in need!