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Sisters of Charity
About Us
Sisters of Charity

About Us

We are Sisters of Charity of Our Lady Mother of the Church.  We devote ourselves to the works of charity through the ministries of education, caring for the sick, the aging and the poor, wherever there is a need.  In a spirit of simplicity we offer our lives, in selfless service, to Jesus through Mary.

Our leaders, Monsignor John Zwijsen and Mother Marie Alma Lafond, were inspired by the Holy Spirit to found our Congregation in response to the needs of God’s people.  As Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of the Church, we must hand on our charism and spiritual heritage to those the Lord continues to call to sanctity and service.

SuCouncilperior General & Council Members

  • Mother Marie Julie, Superior General
  • Mother Mary David
  • Mother M. Anthony
  • Mother Mary Jude
  • Mother M. Christina


Our Religious Habit

The Sisters of Charity wear a simple traditional habit according to the guidelines of Perfectae Caritatis (n 17). The habit was updated in 1970 to insure the health, practicality and modesty of the Sisters while retaining the symbol of consecrated life. The veil, a distinct sign of a bride of Christ, is worn by all of the Sisters from the day of their clothing.

The official habit consists of a black ankle length dress and scapular with a white collar. A pair of rosary beads hangs at the left side of the habit and a cross on a black braid is worn around the neck, bearing the symbols of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary as well as the letters JMJV (Jesus, Mary, Joseph and St. Vincent). Young people often question the Sisters about another symbol at the base of the cross, i.e., the skull and crossbones, the symbol of death.
It gives the Sisters the opportunity to explain the need to die to self and to the world in order to live alone for Christ and those whom they serve in His name.

Although the main components of the official habit are black, the Sisters who serve in our nursing homes and infirmaries and those who are engaged in food services wear a white dress and white scapular for practical reasons. During the warm months of the year, all of the Sisters in the Congregation wear the white habit.

Because the habit worn by the Sisters does not reflect the dress of modern culture, it furthermore carries a symbolic message to the world at large that we, i.e., all of us, are not made for this world, but for the world to come.