Final Profession Day

Behold the Bridegroom comes, let us go out to meet Christ the Lord! Sister M. Gabriela and Sister Maria Teresa made their Final Profession on August 7.  We ask the Lord to bless them with perseverance in their vocation.  What a blessing for our Congregation and for the Church!

Psalm 45:13-17

The King’s daughter is all glorious within;
Her clothing is interwoven with gold.
She will be led to the King in embroidered work;
The virgins, her companions who follow her,
Will be brought to You.
They will be led forth with gladness and rejoicing;
They will enter into the King’s palace.

In place of your fathers will be your sons;
You shall make them princes in all the earth.
I will cause Your name to be remembered in all generations;
Therefore the peoples will give You thanks forever and ever.

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“With Mary, our lives continually proclaim the greatness of the Lord and the joy experienced in rendering service to Him.”

Holy Rule

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