Christmas Visits in the Motherhouse

Our family experienced the true joy of Christmas when we visited our daughter, Sister Kateri, for three days at the Motherhouse. We shared many laughs, wonderful meals, hugs and had the opportunity to attend prayer and Mass together. With all of these moments, our joy was complete – and that is what Christmas is all about!  ~ The Ludick Family

Having my family here for Christmas was such a blessing and a beautiful gift from Jesus. Laughter echoed throughout the day and it was such a joy to see family pictures and make new memories. Seeing my father, who is a deacon, on the altar for Holy Mass and giving us Benediction was a blessing as well. The Lord gives us many gifts at Christmas; most importantly He gives Himself and I am also very grateful to Him for the gift of my family being here!  ~ Sister Kateri

For the family members who were able to come to visit Sr. Joan Clare at the Motherhouse this Christmas, it was a special treat to get away from the hustle and bustle of our own town’s frantic Christmas “holiday!”  To celebrate the birth of Christ here in Baltic, is so truly “Christ-centered” in attitude, prayer, music, decorations and hospitality! It is lovely to be with our daughter and all the other sisters that form her family now, enjoying their love for each other and the Lord. ~ The Gulden Family

God has blessed me abundantly in my vocation and among these blessings is the gift of my loving family. My family has been extremely supportive of my vocation and look forward to their visits at the Motherhouse.  The long drive from Ohio always reminds me of the importance of love and sacrifice in family life.  Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus’ birth, the Holy Family and the love that we share with our own families. It was a wonderful visit filled with love, prayer, music and laughter.  Thank you Jesus for that cherished Christmas visit! ~Sister Joan Clare

Father Dennis Dugan, S.O.L.T. (Society of Our Lady of the Trinty), his mother and father came along to visit in the Motherhouse.  Father Dugan knew Sister Gertrude well and had worked with Sister.  Father Dugan currently lives in Belize serving in the Parish of The Divine Mercy.
We were also blessed with a visit from Father Edward St-Godard from Rhode Island.  Father had a close friendship with Mother Marie Alma, our foundress.  He has remained a blessing to all of us and we always look forward to his stay in Baltic.

“With Mary, our lives continually proclaim the greatness of the Lord and the joy experienced in rendering service to Him.”

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