Academy of the Holy Family: March 2022 Newsletter

During February, the Marist Royals at the Academy of the Holy Family showed much spirit! They celebrated Spirit Week, had a Super Bowl party, and enjoy their February break. It was a fun month for all!

During Spirit Week, the students celebrated International Day where they wore their traditional dresses, cooked authentic food, and shared presentations about their home countries. It was a wonderful day to share and celebrate one another! Throughout the week, there were also various games and dress up days to celebrate the week, such as Kahoot games, “Dress like an Animal Day,” Twin Day, and Class Color Day. The week ended with many games played in the gym. The Sophomore class were the winners! There was great spirit shown by all!

Then, the students had a fun “Spirit Bowl” celebration at Marist Hall where they had a party to celebrate the Super Bowl! The students helped decorate, make the food, and cheer on their teams! At the end of it all, everyone was a winner as they showed such enthusiasm!

There was also a short February break, and while some went home to spend this time with their families, some stayed at the school and rested, did some baking, watched movies, and went bowling! It truly was a spirit-filled month filled with much joy, appreciation, and fun activities! We look forward to March as we enter into this sacred season of Lent. May God guide us to be renewed in heart and soul during this holy time.

“With Mary, our lives continually proclaim the greatness of the Lord and the joy experienced in rendering service to Him.”

Holy Rule

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