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Sisters of Charity
Sisters of Charity
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vincentWe see St. Vincent dePaul as an inspiring example of evangelical service. The founder of our Congregation, Bishop John Zwijsen, was inspired by the spirituality of Saint Vincent. He wanted us to live and work in his spirit. Commitment to the poor was the road St. Vincent de Paul followed. He states: in the poor you find God.
The  purpose for which our Congregation was founded is the sanctification of its members and the promotion of service to others.  Our Charism is expressed through our works of charity and in this we follow Jesus’ command to “Love one another as I have loved you”.



Devotion to Mary

We have a special devotion to the Virgin Mary under her many titles, especially that of  Mary, Mother of the Church.  Our devotion to Mary is one of unbounded confidence, childlike trust, and tender love for so magnificent a Mother.  It is especially in Mary, Mother of the Church that we begin to understand our call to religious life more fully. In all that we do, we go to Jesus through Mary.

Each day we pray the rosary followed by a prayer to Mary, Mother of the Church and on Sundays we pray the Litany of Loreto.  Our chapel has beautiful stained glass windows that reflect ten invocations from the Litany of Loreto, helping us to keep Mary ever in our minds and hearts at prayer.

Our signature song to Our Lady is the Hail Holy Queen and is often sung at community gatherings.

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“Praised be the Lord, who today has magnified your name so that it will never disappear from the mouth of the people” (Judith 15).

Holy Virgin
of Virgins

Mary’s crown and the stem with three lilies, represents Christ who calls her: “My one alone is my dove, my perfect one!” “The daughters saw her and called her most blessed” (Canticles 6, 9).

Mother of

Jesus is the beloved who rests in Mary’s bosom (Canticle 1, 13).   She gave birth to him, the firstborn, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes (Luke 2:7).

Seat of

The title ‘Seat of Wisdom’ refers to the throne of Solomon.   Mary is wisdom personified, sitting on Solomon’s throne made of ivory and gold (1 Kg 10:18-20). The throne of Solomon is no longer that of human, but of divine wisdom – the Word of God made man.

Cause of
Our Joy

The moment Mary’s greeting sounded in Elizabeth’s ear, the baby leapt in her womb for joy (Luke 1:44). Mary’s role as announcer and cause of joy, the joy of redemption for all is hope for all who believe in the Good News made flesh in Mary, the cause of our joy.


The expression ‘spiritual vessel’ should be rendered as “instrument of the Holy Spirit.” Mary is both the dwelling place of the Spirit and his “agent” in the Incarnation. “With and through the Holy Spirit, the Virgin conceives and gives birth to the Son of God” (CCC 723).

Singular Vessel
of Devotion

The word devotion exceeds the narrow meaning of devotional practice and refers to total dedication and fidelity in the service of God. It refers primarily to openness and receptivity of God’s will and grace. God’s grace cannot be exhausted. It takes a ‘singular vessel of devotion’ to receive its plenty, one that has been perfectly purified (Proverbs 25:4).

Tower of

The symbol of the Tower of David is taken from the Song of Songs. It was applied to Mary, and symbolizes Mary’s womb giving life and protection to Jesus (Richard of St. Laurent). Mary also gives protection to all those who seek refuge against temptation and danger (Abertus Magnus).

House of

The designation “House of Gold” goes back to the “Inner Sanctum” of the Tent of the Covenant and to Solomon’s Temple (1 Kings 6:20-22). Mary is called “House of God” because she was the dwelling place of God Incarnate, and as such filled with grace and virtues, especially those of humility and purity.

Refuge of

It is Mary’s role to bring God’s love into the world, to be the intercessor for all, and to give hope and help to sinners.