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Sisters of Charity
Care of the Elderly
Sisters of Charity

Care of the Elderly

Closely following in the footsteps of Christ and adhering to the patrimony of the Congregation, we spend ourselves in the service of others through the apostolates of teaching, caring for the sick, the aging, the poor, and the needy.

As daughters of the Church, we strive to attain a proper understanding of the needs and conditions of our times in order to effectively be to the world today:

His voice proclaiming the Kingdom of God to the multitude and converting sinners;
His hands healing the sick and maimed, caring for the poor and needy, the aged and young children;
His feet, worn yet willing to go when sent to do good to all of His people. ~Holy Rule















We care for our infirmed Sisters at the Motherhouse in Baltic, Connecticut.  We also minister to the elderly residents at Saint Elizabeth Nursing Home and Saint Elizabeth Manor in Wisconsin.

Saint Elizabeth Home: Janesville, Wisconsin

St Elizabeth Home: Mission Video

Saint Elizabeth Manor: Footville, Wisconsin